Ready to change your life and get out of the rat race for good?
Ready to change your life and 
get out of the rat race for good?
Book your 1:1 session with our team of Wealth Advisors
Book your 1:1 session with
 our team of Wealth Advisors

Book Your 1:1 Call With One Of Our Wealth Advisors To Find Out How We Can Help You Get Your First (Or Next) Real Estate Investment Under Contract in 30 Days!

Trusted By Over 2100 Investors Across Canada & The US

Trusted By Over 2100 
Investors Across Canada & The US

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$2,000,000 In Value In Just 4 Months!

1st Multi-Family Property in Less Than 30 Days!

Purchased 6 Properties Since Joining Our Program

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to help you see your life clearly. Before we had even met each other, we both had rental properties, and were interested in real estate investments. Together, we wanted to learn more, and see how this “side hustle” could play a larger role in our lives and started working on investments and property management.

But after a serious car accident during a shuttle ride to a Real Estate Investing Conference in Toronto, we had a choice to make. We could either go home and lick our wounds, or continue on to the conference and follow our dream.

Well as you can guess, we decided to go for it and continue on to the conference! We met so many great people in the world of real estate investing that day and it really changed the trajectory of our lives. We were inspired to pursue this business full time, and share with others along the way. If not for that fateful day, we may have never gotten to where we are today!
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More Client Results From Incredible Families Changing Their Lives, Firing Their Bosses, And Creating Generational Wealth

Closed On 12 Units 
In One Week!

3 Properties Using Other People's Money! 

Purchased 5 Units 
In Just 3 Months!

Got This Property For $200K Under Market Value

$0 Left In The Deal And Made $30K Profit!

Purchased 2 Amazing Properties In Mexico!

Purchased 30 Units 
in 5 Months...

Taking Action Is The Key! Acquired 6 Properties in 6 Months... 27 Units!

34 Units Since Joining The Action Family™!!


“As the name suggests, The Action Family™ motivates you to take action. I was very inspired by Mel & Dave and other community people who keep achieving things. I immediately jumped into action and bought a triplex.”

Susan & Daniel

“I told Dan: "Look at what they are doing! We have to find a way to do this", and then we signed up. Literally not that long after we bought an 8-plex.”

4-Plex Fully Funded By Action Takers!!

Closed on Their 1st Duplex Using Our Strategies

ROI Over 30%

The Importance Of Continous Learning!!

Purchased 5 Properties in The Last 5 Months In USA!!

Joined our Action Family™ 
And Closed On His 1st Turnkey Property In 1 Month!!

Just Added An 11-Plex 
Using 100% OPM...

1st Multifamily Property (8-Plex) in the US

Closed On A 32 Units Building with $0 Down!


“I have five properties now, OPM. (Other People’s Money). The Action Family™ Mentoring Program helped me a lot, it expanded my mindset and it definitely boosted out in me.”


“July 29th I finished the videos and my first deal happened the same day!”

Art & Anik

“We started the program right away, and I’ll tell you, we cannot put it down!”

$500K On Their Pocket With a Successful Refinance!!

1st Property In Mexico!!

11 Rental Units Total

Locked In Their First US Property With 100% OPM

3 Closes In 3 Months 
in the US!!

Rowhome In Vancouver Using 100% OPM!!

155% ROI On A Single Renovation Property

Successful BRRRR!! From $268K TO $350K

Closed On Their 1st Out-Of-Provice Multi-Family!


“After 4 months we had 20 rental units! The good thing about it is that we also purchased it with 100% OPM. The total ROI is 97.5%!”


“We have 5 properties now, and that’s in the last five months. I’m so excited for everything that my daughters will get because of everything we are doing now.”

4  Investment Properties 
and Counting!!

Closed on a Triplex Just a Month After Joining! 

Firmed Up on Their 
3rd Property...

Husband, Wife And Daughter Taking Action!!

3 Properties in 3 Months
All With 100% OPM!!

First property and it's 
for his mom!!

Reduced Asking Price for $20,000 Less!!

3 Properties In The US Using Our Strategies

It's Always Great Meeting Our Students

Amy and Jordan

“Within 5 to 6 months time, we have purchased a total of 13 doors, and it’s all 100% OPM!!!”


“I want the opportunity to encourage others as well. So, this is our first property in Arnprior. We are gonna fix this home and flip it. We used none of our own money to get this property…”

Real Estate Investor

“Before the Action Family™, my goal was to purchase one rental property a year for the next 10 years to hopefully create wealth… In the past year, I was able to buy 5 properties using OPM with the Action Family™!”

Real Estate Investor

“Our FIRST DEAL out of province after joining the AF! I would like to thank Investor Mel & Dave and members of the AF for posts and online exchanges that enabled us to reach the success we have achieved so far. We are so excited and feel it will only get better from here on!"

Real Estate Investor

”Just wanted to pass on a personal thank you to Dave as his advice (and a bit of Univers magic) enabled us to get a local 4 plex when the deal was dead... BTW the 4 plex makes 10 units in 12 months since we started."

2 New Profit-Producing Properties Using OPM

Secured A Triplex Using OPM In Only A Few Months

Secured 24 New Doors In 5 Months

2 New Profit-Producing Properties Using OPM

Secured A Triplex Using OPM In Only A Few Months

Secured 24 New Doors In 5 Months

2 New Profit-Producing Properties Using OPM

Secured A Triplex Using OPM In Only A Few Months

Secured 24 New Doors In 5 Months

The last Real Estate Investing Mentors you will ever need...
"This is truly an A-Z program."
This is not your average mentorship. 
Because... we aren't average, and neither are you. 

This program is developed to show you REAL strategies we used, and are currently using in our business every day. 

The goal in life is not money, it's creating the 3 FREEDOMS... 

1. Financial Freedom

2. Time Freedom 

3. Location Freedom

And Real Estate Investing will get you there FASTER if you follow these steps.
You're going to learn how to buy properties with No Money Down... and O.P.M.
As you saw in the training... putting 20% down on every property is not realistic. 

But since it's required, do you mind if we teach you EXACTLY how to use other people's money?

And still, own 100% of the asset.

That means no sharing your money with partners! 

Creating what we like most...

An infinite ROI. 

No Money In + Cash-Flowing Asset = Infinite ROI 

Now that's what being wealthy is all about!
Stop living someone else's dream... start making your own.
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Here's what you can expect from your mentorship.
  • Direct Access to Us: We will be going live every week to answer your questions whenever you run into roadblocks or situations in your investing journey. 
  • 24/7 Questions: You will have access to our exclusive private mentorship group where you can literally ask us anything! 
  • Exclusive Deal Connections!: Being a part of the exclusive mentorship, you will have direct contact with other investors, lenders, and other partners who want to do deals and share the wealth together! 
  • Investing & Business: Real Estate Investing isn't just for fun... it's a business! We'll show you exactly how to set yourself up for success as a business, and an investor, so you can build the 3 freedoms on your own time!
We tried to tell you this was not your average mentorship...
No, it is not for everyone, and if you feel it is not for you... that's ok! 

We give you weekly content to help you become a better investor, and if it's just not right for you right now... 

Please keep taking in all of the free advice we give and we will be ready when you are! 

Who is this NOT for? 

This call is NOT for those who want to just "Get rich quick". We do not sell a scheme, nor do we condone anything of the sort. To build a successful portfolio and become a real investor it takes grind, hard work and dedication! 

  • Wants to get rich quick.
  • Only in it for the money.
  • Has less than $10,000 liquid cash reserves.  
  • ​Scared of commitment and risk. 

Who is this for? 

This call is for anyone ready to grow their real estate portfolio NOW! We are big believers in taking massive action and if you have been thinking of taking the plunge and either starting or continuing to grow your portfolio.. this if for you! 

  • Ready to take massive action!
  • New or seasoned investors.
  • Has at least $10,000-$20,000 liquid cash reserves. (yes, you will learn how to use O.P.M. but we recommend having reserves) 
  • ​Ready to live a life of FREEDOM! 
We genuinely care about your success. 

And we please ask that we respect each other's time.
 If you are not quite ready, keep in touch with us by following all of our free content and keep learning! 
But if you are ready... 
Don't let the fear of change stop you from building the life you deserve!
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