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Mike Nicholson
Real Estate Investor

“Thanks guys, we have been busy, we really have to get better at sharing our success in the mentoring group, got to love the power of OPM, couldn't have done it without the mentoring program.”

Real Estate Investor

” I closed on a duplex just yesterday. My first investment property! Thanks to you guys, I’ve learned so much and are much more confident to take action because of it. I already have my eyes on 5unit+ multi family for my next project, I will be using what I’ve learned from you guys on my next deal. Creative 100% financing and provide income lifts and reduce expenses to create NOI. “

Eric Coulombe
Real Estate Investor

“Just submitted an offer on a 6 unit multifamily! Let's keep taking action!”

The last Real Estate Investing Mentors you will ever need...
"This is truly an A-Z program."
This is not your average mentorship. 
Because... we aren't average, and neither are you. 

This program is developed to show you REAL strategies we used, and are currently using in our business every day. 

The goal in life is not money, it's creating the 3 FREEDOMS... 

1. Financial Freedom

2. Time Freedom 

3. Location Freedom

And Real Estate Investing will get you there FASTER if you follow these steps.
You're going to learn how to buy properties with No Money Down... and O.P.M.
As you saw in the training... putting 20% down on every property is not realistic. 

But since it's required, do you mind if we teach you EXACTLY how to use other people's money?

And still, own 100% of the asset.

That means no sharing your money with partners! 

Creating what we like most...

An infinite ROI. 

No Money In + Cash-Flowing Asset = Infinite ROI 

Now that's what being wealthy is all about!
Stop living someone else's dream... start making your own.
You may have seen us featured in...
You're kidding right?
No, not kidding. 

We tried to tell you this was unlike any other Mentorship you'll ever be a part of.

We believe in constant growth and education.

That means you are going to get Lifetime Access to ALL the tools and resources we offer AS SOON AS YOU SIGN UP!
Here's what you can expect from your mentorship.
  • Lifetime Access Guaranteed: This means you will have all our training and resources for as long as you need!
  • Direct Access to Us: We will be going live every week to answer your questions whenever you run into roadblocks or situations in your investing journey. 
  • 24/7 Questions: You will have access to our exclusive private mentorship group where you can literally ask us anything! 
  • Exclusive Deal Connections!: Being a part of the exclusive mentorship, you will have direct contact with other investors, lenders, and other partners who want to do deals and share the wealth together! 
  • Investing & Business: Real Estate Investing isn't just for fun... it's a business! We'll show you exactly how to set yourself up for success as a business, and an investor, so you can build the 3 freedoms on your own time!
We tried to tell you this was not your average mentorship...


"It doesn't get better than this! Mel and Dave are my new Real Estate idols!"

Vincent Lambranche

"I recommend them to anyone who is interested in Real Estate investing!"

Matt Kelly

"I took massive action with Mel and Dave and would highly encourage anyone to reach out to them!"

Ian Mason

"We have a property under contract within 8 weeks after joining the mentoring progra!”

Gautam Kapoor

“I want to thank Mel & Dave for the amazing mentorship program, I bought a triplex within 4 weeks of joining the program!”

Art & Anik

“We started the program right away, and I’ll tell you, we cannot put it down!”


"Had a great time, I’ve learned tons, every resource that they gave us was very useful!"

Mariana and Raphaël

“We are so thankful that you were willing to walk us through the whole process!”

No, it is not for everyone, and if you feel it is not for you... that's ok! 

We give you weekly content to help you become a better investor, and if it's just not right for you right now... 

Please keep taking in all of the free advice we give and we will be ready when you are! 

Who is this NOT for? 

This call is NOT for those who want to just "Get rich quick". We do not sell a scheme, nor do we condone anything of the sort. To build a successful portfolio and become a real investor it takes grind, hard work and dedication! 

  • Wants to get rich quick.
  • Only in it for the money.
  • Has less than $10,000 liquid cash reserves.  
  • ​Scared of commitment and risk. 

Who is this for? 

This call is for anyone ready to grow their real estate portfolio NOW! We are big believers in taking massive action and if you have been thinking of taking the plunge and either starting or continuing to grow your portfolio.. this if for you! 

  • Ready to take massive action!
  • New or seasoned investors.
  • Has at least $10,000-$20,000 liquid cash reserves. (yes, you will learn how to use O.P.M. but we recommend having reserves) 
  • ​Ready to live a life of FREEDOM! 
We genuinely care about your success. 

And we please ask that we respect each other's time.
 If you are not quite ready, keep in touch with us by following all of our free content and keep learning! 
But if you are ready... 
Don't let the fear of change stop you from building the life you deserve!
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